Manufacturing of complex parts based on unidirectional tapes for its application in the automotive and aeronautical industry, with the minimum use of materials and energy.

UD tapes manufacturing

Three different technologies for fibre impregnation will be researched to develop the innovative process to manufacture unidirectional carbon and glass fibre tapes with increased fibre content.

Automotive parts based on UD tapes

Adaptation of the conventional overmoulding process; use of injection-compression moulding (ICM) technologies.

Aeronautic parts based on UD tapes

In-situ consolidation without the use of autoclave.

Simulation and mathematical modelling technologies

Simulation and mathematical modelling technologies will be used to assess the design of the complex composite parts as well as the manufacturing processes.

Latest News

FORTAPE project was finished

FORTAPE project was finished on 31st January after 36 months of project implementation. The achieved results concerning the UD-tapes manufacturing and also the manufacturing of automotive and aeronautical parts  reinforced with UD-tapes have been successful. The feasibility (both tehcnical and economical) of the processes has been demonstrated and from now on, new adjustments and optimizations […]

FORTAPE in the Carbon Fibres & Advanced High Performance Composites Cluster (CFPC)

Some Project partners (AIRBUS, ARKEMA, CANOE, CTAG) are also members of the Carbon Fibres & Advanced High Performance Composites Cluster (CFPC). This cluster aims to bring together EC funded projects to enable the sharing of ideas, results and concepts, contributing to the EU Strategic Research Roadmaps and to use the synergistic effect to improve […]

FORTAPE in Manufuture 2017 – Tallin

Raquel Ledo, coordinator of FORTAPE Project, presented the main results during Manufuture 2017 in Tallin. This international conference brought toghether over 600 representatives from industry and academia from all over Europe. The video and presentation of her participation are available in the following links:      

Some Partners

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